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From Kristin

In this time of TikTok, dance videos, and Twitter posts, you might wonder why we would choose to start a blog. And the truth is, in part, nostalgia. Both Frances and I dove deep into reading and eventually writing blogs during our formative mothering years in the early to mid-2000s. It was probably the first form of social media and a new way to find your tribe and build a community-based on your interests and the stage of life you were in. I had never felt so seen than when I found other mothers of littles knitting, baking, and trying to live a slow, simple life.

I found my simple living and creative mothering gurus through the Soulemama, Simple Mom, and Pozy Gets Cozy blogs, along with many others. I miss waking up and catching up on what these inspirational women were up to each day, borrowing recipes, craft inspiration, and homemaking routines from them. Instagram eventually took the place of many of these, which I also enjoyed, but it’s not the same. I miss the long-form writing, beautiful photos, and the searchability of blog posts. I could never find the recipe for WHO bread on Instagram!

Now that we have put the hard-core child raising years behind us, it’s time to build a new kind of community. One where we can explore how to reclaim and repurpose our homes to serve us now that the kids have moved out (at least until summer). How our cooking needs to change now that there are not two ravenous teenage boys to cook for. What to do about this menopausal belly fat? How to navigate the “go gray” or “not to go gray” question. There is a lot to talk about! And no one that I’d rather do it with than my friend Frances, and you!

Through this blog, we are hoping to share with you the things that we discuss with each other on a daily basis. The big questions and the everyday ones. From “who am I outside of being a wife and mother” to “what’s for dinner and can I make it last more than one day”?

We think that many of you are wrestling with the same questions and we hope to inspire you and in turn, be inspired by you as we walk through this time of life together.

From Frances

Instagram leveled its first blow at the Mommy Blog circa 2010, and every year saw more and more domestic bloggers (my preferred term) migrating to the land of images and short captions. Those who stuck it out on Blogger or WordPress slowly converted their blogs into Instagram wannabees, posting streams of photos instead of thoughtful diary entries (I’m looking at you Posie Gets Cozy). 

I kept blogging until 2018. After a decade of writing about home and family, I was having less to say, probably because once my sons started high school, there were fewer charming domestic tales to share, fewer shared family meals, fewer river walks and hikes in the woods. I found a home on Instagram for my quilts and wrote down my stories of family life in my journal. My blogging days, I feared, were over.

But I miss blogs, don’t you? I miss doing my morning rounds of blogging friends–all of them women, all of them writing about their lives at home. I like a good photo as much as the next person, but I don’t really believe that a picture’s worth a thousand words. Pictures leave so much of the story out, and we rarely post photos of how our lives really look. We stage and we perform and it’s lovely–but so often it’s not really real.

Kristin and I have had more than one conversation where we’ve bemoaned the downfall of the domestic blog, and we’re excited to revive the practice, at least among ourselves. Starting a new chapter of life has been a great incentive to start writing again. Being a woman of a certain age means there are new joys to experience, new challenges to face and new questions that need answers: When did my face disappear? How long do I have to wait before I pull down the Atlanta Braves posters off the bedroom walls and replace them with Monet prints? Do you feel bad about your neck? Because I feel bad about my neck. What’s for dinner and who’s making it?

I’m here for the answers. I hope you are too.

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  • Angeldewey

    I miss blogs too. Instagram and even fb don’t have the same soul. I’ve resorted to vlogs, like roots and refuge and acre homestead where the why’s behind the pretty pics, the indecisions, the mistakes are told. i do follow you on fb, francis, but am glad you’re going to be doing a blog! Raelene and I had started one before technical difficulties (and indeed, life) sidelined us for a bit. good luck and good stories to us all!

    • Frances

      Thanks for the vlog recs, Angel–those both sound great! I would read anything you and Raelene had to say–I hope you restart your blog! xofrances

    • Frances

      Looking forward to having another Frances around–there are so few of us! Though, have you noticed that there are more little girls named Frances these days? Maybe “Frances” is having its moment in the sun! xoFrances

      • Frances in Wales

        I’ve added to my name-handle to avoid it looking like one of us is talking to themselves! lol

        I do like having a fairly unusual name (well, I do now, not so much when I was a child), though always happy to have more of us around 🙂

        I’ve listened all the way through the Off Kilter Quilt (albeit I only discovered you a few years ago), and have been amused by the various random things we have in common – like, I’m a leftie too. I’ve done all of Simple Homemade Everyday also, so I’m really excited that you’re both teaming up for this blog, even though it’s kind of a bit prep-ahead for me (my son is currently 4…)

        • Frances

          It’s never too soon to prepare for the empty nest, Frances!

          Do you know the children’s book, Bread and Jam for Frances? That’s always been a favorite of mine.

          I’m sure we’ll do more recipe sharing (Kristin shared the sweet potato bowl recipe, which I shared with her and is wonderful). I’m all for the crockpot and casseroles. I especially love doing stews in the crockpot in winter–those wonderful smells filling up the house over ty he course of the day–very cozy!


  • Tricia

    Yay! I am so looking forward to your writing! I enjoy your podcasts and Frances’s books. I am now a veteran empty-nester with four grandchildren. But I recall one of the first things we noticed when our youngest left for college was that our milk went sour! Previously, he drank it by the gallon.

  • Marsha H

    I’m both intrigued and delighted that two of my faves are collaborating to bring us a new blog! Good work, ladies!
    Just last month I made a long overdue trip to the mall for a little shopping. I lamented to both my adult daughters (in their 30’s)…. just where do I fit in at this mall? I now have a little extra money to spend on lovely things but it seems that most of the lovely things are geared towards 20-somethings?

    • Frances

      “Just where do I fit in at this mall?” is a perfect question for women of a certain age! I might have it printed on a tee shirt. xofrances

  • Katie B.

    This is a GREAT idea for a blog! I am a new empty nester and really looking forward to this content! I also love podcasts because I can listen while I quilt!

    • Frances

      Podcasts are great for quilting! I know some people listen to audiobooks, but I can’t pay close enough attention when I’m sewing. So it’s podcasts and endless rounds of Downton Abbey for me! xofrances

  • Wendy

    Thank you for this blog – finally something that speaks to us in this season of life. I will enjoy reading this over my cup of coffee each morning!

  • Sherri

    So so excited about this new blog! Thank you both for putting this together. I look forward to following along on the journey.
    (And I feel bad about my neck, too)!

    Happy Wednesday!

    • Frances

      I wish I’d appreciated my neck–my smooth, uncreased, unsaggy neck–when I was young! But we appreciate nothing when we’re young. Sigh.

    • Frances

      Hey, Miss Susan–you are hip like the kids! You should start a blog–I’d love to hear the news from Ohio! Or you and Danielle could start a blog like this one–think about it! xofrances

  • Annie Smith

    Okay — you two!! I just love this more than I can express! What an awesome idea!
    I love reading and hearing each of your voices. I’m so looking forward to all of your installments. I smell a book in the making 😉

    Your devoted fan—

  • Tonna Marroni

    Frances and Kristin, I love that you are doing this blog. Blog vs TikTok – Blog wins hands down. I get up every morning early 4am, before I head off at 6:30 am for my 10 – 12 hour day as a school principal. I get up early to read and reflect in peace and quiet. It’s a great start to my day. I don’t want someone singing and dancing in my face at 4 am. I enjoy reading others thoughts and perspectives. It’s a great way to start a day. I also love that I can go back and reread a blog. When a good blog shows up in my inbox it makes me smile. On Wednesday I “wake up” to Fr. Dan (a Franciscan Priest at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Clemson – my church) who always has a thoughtful message, on Thursday to Marie Bostwick who shares wonderful recipes and thoughts on so many things, and now on Friday, Frances and Kristin. Can life get and better? By the way, I love both of your podcasts. I save those for my driving pleasure. Thank you for sharing.

    • Frances

      Hi, Tonna! I have avoided TikTok entirely, mostly for the fear of getting completely sucked in (which I probably would). And in general, I’m trying to avoid social media in the morning. I love seeing blog and newsletter notifications in my inbox too. I get Marie’s, and I subscribe to Austin Kleon, who writes mostly about art and culture–it makes me so happy to see it on Friday morning!

      Are you in Clemson, SC? My son Will is a sophomore at Clemson, and we love it there!


  • Kati R.

    I was so excited when you mentioned in your podcast that you are starting this blog. And right after yours Kristin announced that you started it already. Woohoo!
    I was just thinking about how I miss the good ol’ days when I was reading inspiring quilting blogs. I agree with the pictures and the thousand words. Not to mention that Instagram became the cross-post platform of tiktok. I hardly see photo posts, everyone is making short videos.
    I’m looking forward to reading your chronicles, AND new podcast episodes 😁
    Hugs to you both!

  • Robin Leftwich

    Thanks for the picture of Travis the Quilt Dog. He’s adorable!
    Since I retired a few years ago I’ve had a minimal routine, although routine is something I thrive on. Too many curveballs make routine a real challenge. But my morning is usually fairly set, with letting out the dogs, loving them for a little, Wordless and back to sleep for a bit being my start. The end is fairly well set, too, it’s the middle that is a muddle!

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